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Our team at Global Fulfillment specialises in creating new, pioneering brands in the health and beauty industry. We look to identify problem areas, which may have been overlooked, or need improving, and provide innovative solutions.

Over the last 10 years we have created a number of brands in a variety of health & beauty categories, ranging from men’s grooming to women’s nail care products.  We have created many unique products with exclusive design rights, which has helped to distinguish us from competitors in the market.

Initially we focused on selling our brands in European market places, however due to the success and worldwide demand we quickly began distributing globally.

our top brands

GROOMARANG is a fairly new brand, launched in early 2016 with a completely unique, one of a kind product; Groomarang Beard Comb. This gadget perfectly lines up your beard, enabling you to symmetrically groom your beard. Since the launch of this product we have created a number of other grooming products under the Groomarang range.

MISS POUTY is a cosmetics brand launched in 2014, focused on providing quality, cost effect products aimed at women aged between 16 to 30. We have over 40 products in our brand range, selling worldwide. These include a unique Hotlipz Lip Pump, Matte Liquid lipstick and a professional 61 Piece Makeup Kit.

ACUSNORE is a health care product aimed at providing a variety of anti snoring solutions, having over 20 products in the range. Our best selling product is the worlds first & only anti snoring ring with three acupressure activators, proven to be more effective than any other anti snore ring.

our brands

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